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Scott Martin is the game designer for CarQuiz. Scott has spent many years working in 3d for games, commercials, 3d printing, and simulations. He's been a teacher, a director of animation, and has successfully run his own business working with clients and contractors from around the globe.


Mariah Martin is the co-designer of CarQuiz. She helps with game design, art review and gameplay testing. Mariah is in charge of character and pet development for the game. An avid iOS gamer, Mariah understands what makes games compelling for kids.


Media4 has been instrumental in the development of CarQuiz. This amazing team of artists and programmers has developed the code behind CarQuiz, working closely with us on implementing all the features of the game. In addition, the artists at Media4 have done concepts, UI design, our first car, and all of the art for our Desert track.